The Orange-Fish River Basin is located in southern Namibia across parts of the Hardap and Karas Regions. It can be divided into Orange and Fish sub-basins, occupying 15% of the Namibian land surface in total. Together, these rivers, their tributaries and groundwater supply water to several communities and a number of diverse, economically important enterprises in these two regions. Through a forum of stakeholders in the Orange-Fish Basin, a number of challenges, needs and issues related to the management of their water resources have been identified and discussed. It is home to an estimated 77 000 people, which represents 56% of the total population of the two regions. The Orange-Fish Basin Committee (OFBMC) was established in May 2010 under the Namibian Water Resources Management Act 24 of 2004 which makes provision for the establishment of Basin Management Committees (BMCs) for major basins in Namibia, and the first BMC meeting was held on 1 June 2010. To date, the OFBMC has established an office in Keetmanshoop based in the NamWater building. The OFBMC comprises seventeen representatives from various organizations having different backgrounds and expertise within the basin.

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