The Kuiseb Basin extends across the Erongo and Khomas Regions. The Kuiseb River drains a catchment of approximately 14,700 km2, rising in the Khomas Hochland and flowing 440 km from the highlands through the Namib Desert to the Atlantic Ocean at Walvis Bay. The catchment covers areas that are owned under freehold title by commercial farmers, as well as the Namib-Naukluft Park and the townlands of Walvis Bay. The basin is characterised by upper, middle and lower zones. The upper part consists mainly of the highlands and commercial farms. The middle part crosses the Namib-Naukluft Park where small scale farmers (mainly Topnaar communities) live. The lower part terminates in Walvis Bay and surrounding areas. The basin is home to an estimated 68 000 people, of which the 70 per cent is found in the lower basin area. The Kuiseb Basin Management Basin Committee (KBMC) was established in October 2003, on the basis of serving the needs of the basin and to help in advising on actions and developments with regards to the basin. To date, the KBMC has established an office in Walvis Bay, and comprises of two member representatives from each of various organizations having different backgrounds and expertise within the basin.

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